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Ingrid van der Westhuizen Occupational Therapists is located in Midrand Johannesburg and Rooihuiskraal Centurion. We offer individualised treatment of a variety of Sensory Integration difficulties, developmental delays, autism spectrum disorder and school related difficulties. We focus on providing quality pediatric treatment using the distinguished Ayres Sensory Integration® methods and equipment.

Please Note: We do not only serve the children at our two schools that we work at, but we are also open to private clients as well, contact us today for more information. 

Services Offered

Assessment of development from ages 2 ½ years onwards

Assessment and treatment of visual perceptual skills

Assessment of areas impacting on reading, spelling, writing, mathematics and problem solving

Sensory processing assessment

Identifying sensory sensitivities and sensory seeking behaviour

Treatment of fine motor skills including pencil grip, fine motor coordination and handwriting

Treatment of sensory integration difficulties

Treatment of delays in postural control, balance, eye-hand coordination, ball skills, midline crossing, sequencing and planning of movements

Improving the child’s ability to participate in daily activities like play, school, dressing etc

Specialised Programmes Provided

Interactive Metronome®



Learning breakthrough programme

Professional Associations


Ingrid is the most incredible OT. She is totally dedicated to my son’s needs and ensuring he gets the maximum benefit out of therapy. We have seen such an improvement not only in the areas OT has focused on, but his all round confidence. Thank you Ingrid, you have been a breath of fresh air in your approach and your constant feedback and recommendations are so reassuring and so appreciated.


Wonderlike praktyk! Die assesering is ongelooflik volledig en die resultate en plan vorentoe is tydsaam aan ons verduidelk. Dit het ons ook bewus gemaak van ouditiewe sensitiwiteit wat ons gehelp het om ons kind beter te verstaan en ons ouerskapstyl aan te pas.


Our son has benefited immensely from Occupational therapy over the last year. Sandré has been so kind, patient, caring and professional. She has made a real difference in the life of our son.




In the initial evaluation, the therapist will perform an assessment over 90-120 minutes, to identify how we can best meet your and the referring person’s concerns. The therapist will discuss the results with you during a separate feedback session and review the recommended treatment options. If the therapist recommends occupational therapy, you will be given instructions about how to schedule appointments. 

The practice’s accounts are managed by Partner4Life. You will receive a statement from them containing the banking details. We also have a pay point available.

We liaise with class teachers to find a time that will not disrupt school work. Sometimes teacher make non-academic periods available. If it is not in the child’s best interest to miss any class time, we will schedule sessions for after school hours. 

Weekly therapy notes and homework will be sent to you via the SpecialT app. The therapist will give you instructions on how to join the app, and once you have done so you will be linked to your child’s profile. You will receive an email as soon as the therapist have loaded notes on SpecialT.

The purpose of therapy is to help your child catch up on any developmental delays and to become as independent as possible in normal daily activities. The time varies depending on a range of factors, but we usually ask parents to allow at least 6 months of therapy. Progress is always faster when parents are involved in the therapy process and complete the weekly activities at home. A full re-assessment can be completed after six months.  We believe in ongoing communication with all the parties involved to ensure appropriate treatment.  We will work with you to develop the most appropriate and effective plan of care for your child. Please always feel free to discuss any of your concerns with us. 

Ayres Sensory Integration® (ASI) is a well-established and growing area of therapeutic practice. It was developed from the 1970’s by A. Jean Ayres, PhD, an occupational therapist, psychologist, and neuroscientist. “Sensory integration is the process by which people register, modulate, and discriminate sensations received through the sensory systems to produce purposeful, adaptive behaviours in response to the environment (Ayres, 1976/2005). The sensory systems we depend on for input include vision, auditory, gustatory (taste), olfactory (smell), tactile (touch), proprioceptive (joint position sense), and vestibular (balance and movement). Effective integration of these sensations enables development of the skills needed to successfully participate in the variety of occupational roles we value, such as care of self and others, engagement with people and objects, and participation in social contexts. “

This is a therapist who has specialised in the assessment and treatment of children. This usually includes additional qualifications and courses to master the development of a child. This includes, but is not limited to, Ayers Sensory Integration® therapy. At our practice we work closely with parents, teachers, and other team members including Speech and Language therapists, Educational Psychologists, Specialist Learning tutors and Doctors in order to provide a holistic service.

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Call: 082 698 5726
Email: ingrid@otmidrand.co.za

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Christ Church Preparatory School and College:
391 Eleventh Road, Erand, Midrand.

Ietzi Pinkz Ietzi Groenz Kleuterskool:
55 Hadeda Cres, Rooihuiskraal

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